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Tumblr - Can we please take a moment to see how Gavin and Meg are just perfect together! They are suck a cute couple!!! ^_^

Anonymous: do you have a personal blog/#me?

this is my personal blog yo

but if you want to learn more about me i have an about page

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Anonymous: whispers Tuckington au where either Wash and Tucker are captured together at the end of s11 or Tucker was captured instead of Wash


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Boxes… Boxes… Boxes.


I tried to RWBY design Gavin


I tried to RWBY design Gavin



Can we appreciate that Geoff, Michael, Ray, and Gavin couldn’t get the stereotypical questions about women right and felt bad having to come up with them.

shout-out in particular to Gavin who outright blurted, “This is sexist.”